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Riverside County

Reduced to a misdemeanor, firearms rights restored Possession for Sale, Cultivation, and Child Endangerment dismissed  →

Sonoma County

Transportation of cannabis concentrates, multiple pounds – reduced to misdemeanor Transportation of 70 lbs of marijuana – dismissed  →


Raid of a home: 80 plants, 8 pounds of marijuana (medical.)  Dismissed at preliminary hearing on medical marijuana grounds.  →


Raid of home.  30 plants. 3 lbs., Child Endangerment. All charges dismissed after preliminary hearing.  →

Orange County

Raid of dispensary.  Charges: Possession for Sale, Illegal Sale.  Settled for misdemeanor.  →

Los Angeles

Raid of a home.  80 Marijuana (medical) found.  Outcome: Search warrant quashed, case dismissed. Raid of a warehouse; marijuana grow 100 plants, 30 lbs. of marijuana, cash. – Diversion–classes and a dismissal.  No record.  Can still use medical marijuana. Sheriffs  →