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Michael Levinsohn, Criminal Defense

ML_slider_icanhelp Experienced, Knowledgeable, and Compassionate.    Free Initial Consultation. Available 24/7.                               Se Habla Español 310-420-9081  →

Narcotics/Medical Marijuana

ML_slider_narcotics Nobody deserves to be punished for marijuana.  →

Criminal Defense

ML_slider_criminal I’ve defended every kind of case from assault to robbery and murder.  →

Juvenile Defense

ML_slider_juvenile Nothing is more stressful than having your child arrested.  →


ML_slider_dui This can happen to anyone, and you need an expert to deal with it.  →

“This is my life”

ML_slider_mylife This is what people in trouble tell me and I understand… because it is my life too. This what I do.                                  -Michael Levinsohn, Criminal Defense  →