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The Emerald Cup 2012

2012 Emerald Cup Emerald Cup 2012 presents Agriculture Grower’s Pavilion – Organic Gardening and Medicine  →

Ed Rosenthal’s Summer Party

Ed Rosenthal's Summer Party In this video Daisy Bram shares her families battle with CPS in Butte County,Ca. Her two boys were ripped from her arms as breastfeeding infants. Sheriff’s then arrested her and her husband Jayme Walsh for legal medical marijuana cultivation. Michael  →

CA NORML 2012 Conference

CA NORML PROP 215: STATE OBSTACLES Senator Mark Leno – Legislative solutions Michael Levinsohn – Child Protective Services issues Omar Figueroa – Criminal defense strategies James Anthony – Cultivation rights and local ordinances Michael Levinsohn worked as a public defender his first  →

Legally Where Are We Going? – 2012 Emerald Cup

Legally where are we going? The Emerald Cup 2012, Mateel Community Center Discussion: Legally Where Are We Going? Panelist: Matt Kumin, Omar Figueroa, Michael Levinsohn, Edi Lerman  →

2012 High Times Cannabis Cup

High Times Cannabis Cup High Times Medical Cup Legal Panel, Michael Levinsohn explains why good legal counsel is a top priority for anybody arrested for medical marijuana.  →

Cheryl Shuman Video Diary

Cheryl Shuman Video Diary One of the most important things to me in the production of my new reality series is to include the true heroes in the marijuana activism movement. The Daisy Bram case made headlines this year when this young mother, who  →