One of the most important things to me in the production of my new reality series is to include the true heroes in the marijuana activism movement. The Daisy Bram case made headlines this year when this young mother, who is a legal medical cannabis patient, was arrested with her babies taken from her. You’ll hear the raid by law enforcement in the beginning of this interview along with some personal photos of Daisy Bram and her children. Her attorney, Michael Levinsohn and his legal assistant Jennifer Reeder are true heroes who went to the front lines with legal representation. My goal is to share as many of these inspiring stories as possible. With the reality series in development, I’m counting on YOU the viewer to show your support for these amazing activists by sharing their stories with your networks and show Hollywood producers that the REAL people in our movement are far more interesting and life changing than anyone they could ever “CAST” or “Script” like the typical reality series. Through the media we create, we can change the world! We’re making history together and you’re a part of it. :) Please show your support by sharing my channel and videos with your social network. I would be eternally grateful.