Narcotics/Marijuana Defense
Nobody deserves to be punished for marijuana. I have made my name in medical marijuana cases, but I defend anyone charged with a narcotic crime. Were you stopped and searched, or your place raided illegally? Have you been treated fairly? If you’re facing marijuana or narcotics charges, this is where we begin.

Criminal Defense
You need someone who believes in you. I hear from my clients every day, “This is my life.” It’s mine, too. My staff and I will listen and fight for you. I’ve defended every kind of case from assault to robbery and murder. I win many of my trials, but I try to win even before that. You can be sure that I will go all the way to help you.

Juvenile Defense
Nothing is more stressful than having your child arrested. Parents and families need someone who knows the system and will fight for their son or daughter. So far, I’ve never had a client go to the Youth Authority–juvenile prison. I’m determined to keep it that way.

DUI Defense
This can happen to anyone, and you need an expert to deal with it. The expense, the hassle, and the consequences are harsh, and I will fight to keep them away.